I was the designer on the payment methods team working on UI/UX. My work included wireframing, visual assets creative, revising app flows, and web pages. I used my UI/UX skills to develop effective consumer communication during the consumer journey, improve KPIs, and achieve stronger conversions.
I worked on a design system in Klarna’s global figma files that could be released globally to all design teams and used as a building block for their local markets. This was one of my team’s projects.

Simplified library : 

I created the simplified library of all of Klarna’s payment method screens for global use, internally and externally, that became part of the design system.   

One Klarna’s product offering:

I worked on the userflow to update and make changes to support the presentations by sales team members to prospective merchants. I also performed user testing to investigate results of screen revisions. 

Payment method web pages:

I was the lead on creating payment method web pages for global use.

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